Catering to the changing educational needs of the world, NSBM has opened a competitive academic path for the students with the Ordinary level qualification, by introducing Foundation Programme to the academic portfolio of the institute. Foundation Programme is offered to G.C.E.

Ordinary Level qualified students (Local,

Cambridge or

Edexel ) enabling them to enter to



Programmes in affiliation with


University, UK or University

College, Dublin in both streams of Management and Information

Technology. This program is designed for one-year full time course, thus replacing the requirement of possessing AL qualifications. The foundation program ensures that students are fully geared with the pre- requisites to embark on the degree program within a short period, and is aimed at grooming its participants with the appropriate knowledge and skills to pursue.

The main objectives of the program are, To develop knowledge and understanding of participants on specified subject areas to pursue undergraduate studies To equip participants with appropriate knowledge and skills in a modern learning environment for academic success To provide students with industry orientation from the beginning of the course

To align students with the required English proficiency and ensure competence in spoken and writing skills thereafter. To enhance personal development and self-confidence with the motivation for students to reach academic goals.

To equip participants with the appropriate skills for academic success The program consists of two semesters, that comprise eight diverse and competitive subjects, where one semester contains 4 modules. The modules are designed and combined to enable students to gain essential subject knowledge and skills to progress with further studies and to demonstrate a systematic understanding of management concepts and principles. At the successful completion of the Management Foundation Programme, students shall possess the necessary skills to pursue their higher studies in different Management and Computing disciplines which will lead to career opportunities in different industries.



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